Application Note

Bruise healing after aesthetical operations studied with SkinColorCatch

Application Note

Injectable procedures are the most common aestethical oprations playing part in everyday aestethical medical practice. The techniques have improved over the years but unexpected consequences may follow after any surgical or injectable ivasive aeastethical operation, regardless its a small or a complex. Any operation has a potential of creating uncomfortable side effects, like bruising, swelling, discomfort and sometimes even infections around the operation site.

Bruising is caused by extravasation of red blood cells into the tissue if the a blood vessel is breached during the procedure and may occur even after small aestethical operations where surgical or injectable procederes are being used. This may cause aestethical harm to patients for several days or even weeks after operation.

Widgerow et al (2020) used the Delfin SkinColorCatch in a study to test topical formulas to enhance bruise healing and to reduce the severity of bruising. They tested a compound utilizing peptides and active agents showed significant results in reduction of bruise color intensity. The participants using this specifically produced compound had a statistically significant improvement in bruise color intensity over the use of bland moisturizer after two days into the intervention. And overall, 81 % of the participants had less bruising over the control group after two days.

”The Delfin SkinColorCatch was deemed the most accurate means of assessment”.

-Widgerow et al. (2020) 

The Delfin SkinColorCatch is all-in-one colorimetry for assessments of skin color, eythema and melanin indices. The Delfin SkinColorCatch is also suitable for many other aestethical study applications e.g. pigmentation, skin-whitening, skin-aging or scars.


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Widgerow, A. D. et al. (2020) ‘Developing a topical adjunct to injectable procedures’, Journal of Drugs in Dermatology, 19(4), pp. 398–404.

Alastin Skincare utilizing Delfin instrumentation in clinical research

Case Study

Alastin Skincare utilizing Delfin instrumentation in clinical research

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