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EEMCO guidance for the in vivo assessment of biomechanical properties of the human skin and its annexes: revisiting instrumentation and test modes

L Monteiro Rodrigues, JW Fluhr… – Skin pharmacology and …, 2020 – karger.com

ElastiMeter, SkinColorCatch, SkinFibroMeter, SkinGlossMeter

… More recently, the SkinFibroMeter® (Delfin Technologies) … ), and a portable Elastimeter unit from Delfin Technologies (c). … (ISE) can be obtained with the Elastimeter (from www.courage-…

A dose-ranging, parallel group, split-face, single-blind phase II study of light emitting diode-red light (LED-RL) for skin scarring prevention: study protocol for a … - 2019

JK Nguyen, J Weedon, J Jakus, E Heilman, RR Isseroff… – Trials, 2019 – Springer

ElastiMeter, SkinColorCatch, SkinFibroMeter, SkinGlossMeter

… Skin elasticity and skin induration are two separate indices for scar pliability and will be objectively measured using the ElastiMeter and the SkinFibroMeter (Delfin Technologies, Kuopio…

Healing of peristomal lesions through application of a hygiene protocol respecting the skin’s physiological pH and natural moisturizing factor: a clinical study - 2019

E Toma, F La Torre, MS Ercolani… – Senses and …, 2019 – sensesandsciences.com

ElastiMeter, SkinColorCatch, SkinFibroMeter, SkinGlossMeter

… percentage water content we used the Delfin MoistureMeterEpiD® (Delfin Technologies Ltd.). The … was measured using the Delfin MoistureMeterD Compact® (Delfin Technologies Ltd.), …