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The effect of a basic skin care product on the structural strength of the dermo‐epidermal junction: An exploratory, randomised, controlled split‐body trial - 2022

M El Genedy‐Kalyoncu, C Richter… – International Wound …, 2022 – Wiley Online Library

ElastiMeter, MoistureMeterEpiD, SkinFibroMeter

Skin ageing is associated with various structural alterations including a decreased strength of the dermo‐epidermal adhesion increasing the risk for shear type injuries (skin tears). …

Comparing the effects of 3 different pressure ulcer prevention support surfaces on the structure and function of heel and sacral skin: an exploratory cross‐over trial - 2018

T Tomova‐Simitchieva… – International wound …, 2018 – Wiley Online Library

ElastiMeter, MoistureMeterEpiD, SkinFibroMeter

… The MoistureMeterEpiD (Delfin Technologies Ltd. Kuopio, Finland) was used to measure the … Because the MoistureMeterEpiD has a higher penetration depth, results indicate that there …

A randomized study showing improved skin quality and aesthetic appearance of dorsal hands after hyaluronic acid gel treatment in a Chinese population - 2020

Y Wu, Y Tian, J Xu, S Zhong, R Wang… – Journal of Cosmetic …, 2020 – Wiley Online Library

ElastiMeter, MoistureMeterEpiD, SkinFibroMeter

… A MoisturemeterEpiD (Delfin Technologies Ltd) was used to assess skin hydration. The value increases with increasing water content. The dielectric constant value was converted into …

A Novel Perilla frutescens (L.) Britton Cell-Derived Phytocomplex Regulates Keratinocytes Inflammatory Cascade and Barrier Function and Preserves Vaginal … - 2023

G Pressi, G Rigillo, P Governa, V Borgonetti, G Baini… – Pharmaceutics, 2023 –

ElastiMeter, MoistureMeterEpiD, SkinFibroMeter

… (evaluated by MoistureMeterEpid, Delfin Technologies) and elasticity (evaluated by Cutometer MPA 580, Courage & Khazaka). Moisture Meter Epid converts the measured dielectric …