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The MoistureMeterSC has been used widely for skin surface hydration studies both in-vivo and in-vitro. Below is a list of references for the studies related to the MoistureMeterSC.

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Efficacy evaluation of carbonated skin care products. - 2021

X Bai, Y Chen, Y Shang – China Surfactant Detergent & …, 2021 –

MoistureMeterSC, VapoMeter

… 使用VISIACR皮肤检测仪和MoistureMeterSC皮肤表面水含量测量仪详细研究了碳酸类护肤品对 … VISIA-CR皮肤检测仪,美国Canfield公司; MoistureMeterSC皮肤表面水含量测量仪,芬兰Delfin …