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Effect of an Appearance-Based vs. a Health-Based Sun-Protective Intervention on French Summer Tourists’ Behaviors in a Cluster Randomized Crossover … - 2020

C Durand, O Catelinois, A Bord, JB Richard… – Frontiers in Public …, 2020 –

ElastiMeter, SkinColorCatch, VapoMeter

… The colorimeters used at T0 and T1 were SkinColorCatch™ by Delfin Technologies Ltd. They measured the skin color in six chromatic values: CIE L * a * b * , RGB, L * c * h * color space…

A case report on the use of topical cysteamine 5% cream in the management of refractory postinflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH) resistant to triple combination … - 2021

N Mathe, M Balogun, J Yoo – Journal of cosmetic dermatology, 2021 – Wiley Online Library

ElastiMeter, SkinColorCatch, VapoMeter

… This resulted in significant improvement in hyperpigmentation with reduction in melanin index from 904 to 818, measured from central forehead (SkinColorCatch, Delfin technologies) …