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杨艺, 徐建, 赵梦恬, 曹高 – China Surfactant Detergent & …, 2021 –


… 上海博迅医疗生物仪器股份有限公司; DCC1905皮肤颜色测量仪(SkinColorCatch),芬兰 Delfin公司 . … 功效性评价[7]:在温度为25 ℃,湿度为50%环 境中,使用皮肤颜色测量仪SkinColorCatch测试…


周菲, 刘宗艳, 卢伊娜 – Detergent & Cosmetics, 2024 –


: 采用仿生发酵和无损破壁工艺, 从青春双歧杆菌中获得一种二裂酵母发酵产物溶胞产物, 通过和 甘油, 1, 2-戊二醇混合后得到原料(BF), 分别采用十二烷基硫酸钠(SLS) 损伤模型, 面部泛红修护…

Permanent Makeup (PMU) Removal with Plant Origin Extracts

E Andreou, E Rallis, S Hatziantoniou, V Kefala – Cosmetics, 2024 –


… process with a Skin Color Catch device (Delfin, Kuopio, Finland). Skin Color Catch is a non-inva… The Skin Color Catch device can measure skin tone, erythema, and melanin separately …

5th pediatric allergy and asthma meeting (PAAM) - 2018

S Bellón, L Sánchez, L González, A Moreira… – Clin Transl Allergy, 2018 – Springer


Methods In the period 2007–2017, one hundred and eight children with persistent cow’s milk allergy, confirmed by open oral food challenge, have been included in our OIT protocol. …

Stress and its impairment of skin barrier function - 2023

F Lyu, T Wu, Y Bian, K Zhu, J Xu… – International Journal of …, 2023 – Wiley Online Library


… We measured transepidermal water loss (TEWL) of the stratum corneum with a Vapometer (Delfin Technologies, Ltd. Kuopio, Finland) and stratum corneum hydration with a …