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Lymphedema (17)

Intrarater reliability of tonometry and bioimpedance spectroscopy to measure tissue compressibility and extracellular fluid in the legs of healthy young people in … - 2017

J Douglass, P Graves, S Gordon – Lymphatic Research and Biology, 2017 –

ElastiMeter, SkinFibroMeter

… Delfin Technologies, Finland, provided the SkinFibroMeter on loan to JCU for the purposes of the study. Delfin Technologies retain no editorial or publication rights in regard to this …

Other (24)

Functionele diagnostiek en evaluatie - 2021

N Devoogdt, J Hidding, T De Vrieze, A De Groef… – Oedeem en …, 2021 – Springer

ElastiMeter, SkinFibroMeter

… Sinds enkele jaren is de SkinFibroMeter ® (Delfin Ltd, Kuopio, Finland) beschikbaar als … De sensor van de SkinFibroMeter dient per meetlocatie vijf keer na elkaar kort (0,5 sec) en …