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Products for Impure, Acne-like Skin - 2020

H Dobrev – Practical Aspects of Cosmetic Testing: How to Set up a …, 2020 – Springer

SkinFibroMeter, SkinGlossMeter

Many people suffer from impure, acne-like skin. This type of skin looks greasy and glossy, rough with enlarged pores, and has tendency to develop comedones, pimples, and pustules. It …

43 Skin Radiance Measurement - 2014

A Jeudy, S Mac-Mary, JM Sainthillier… – … and Technology, 2014 –

SkinFibroMeter, SkinGlossMeter

… The SkinGlossMeter developed by Delfin Technology measures the specular light from skin … gave the opportunity for Bossa Nova Technologies to develop a system called SAMBA a few …