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The VapoMeter has been used widely for TEWL and penetration studies both in-vivo and in-vitro.  Below is a list of references for the scientific studies related to the VapoMeter.

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Asupan Cairan dan Kelembapan Kulit

RS Amalia, G Rahmayunita… – Medika (Jurnal …, 2022 –


… Alat yang populer digunakan adalah VapoMeter® (Delfin Technologies Ltd., Kuopio, Finland) karena pembacaannya yang cepat dan akurat. Sistem ini tidak dipengaruhi oleh udara …

Removal Methods and Evaluation of Makeup Cosmetics

N Lourith, M Kanlayavattanakul – … Science and Technology, 2022 –


Skin appearance is a significant factor that impacts self-esteem and also contributes to physical well-being and social relationships. Therefore, the application of cosmetics, in particular …

Synthesis of Novel Pseudo-ceramide and Its Properties

JG Kim, KT Kim, SH Park, BY Lee… – Journal of the Society …, 2008 –


… TEWL value was measured by using an Vapometer (Delfin SWL3 type, Finland). … ℃ and 55 ± 5 % relative humidity with a Vapometer. Moisturization test was carried out without the skin …

Effect of stem cell culture on thermal stability

JS Moon – Journal of the Korean Applied Science and Technology, 2021 –


… water loss (TEWL) was measured using a Vapometer (Delfin, Finland) before and after skin damage… Vapometer measures TEWL through relative humidity [17]. Vapometer is known as a …

Biopolysaccharides for skin hydrating cosmetics - 2015

M Kanlayavattanakul, N Lourith – Polysaccharides: Bioactivity and …, 2015 –


… Japan) that is an unventilated closed chamber type is additionally used besides VapoMeter … comparison with hyaluronan at the same concentration by means of TEWL using VapoMeter …

Dry Eye Disease - 2014

WDJ Kokkinakis –


… Luckily with the progress of technology and clinical understanding we are now in a position … “Luckily with the progress of technology and clinical understanding we are now in a position …

Wound healing and skin in severe sepsis - 2016

M Koskela – 2016 –


… In this study the transepidermal water loss was measured by using a VapoMeter (Delfin Technologies Ltd, Kuopio, Finland). The VapoMeter forms a closed chamber on the skin, and the …

Skin Care in Neonates and Infants: A Scoping Review - 2023

D Wilborn, R Amin, J Kottner… – Skin Pharmacology and …, 2023 –


Background: Skin care is a basic, daily activity performed by formal and informal caregivers from birth until end of life. Skin care activities are influenced by different factors, eg, culture, …

Simultaneous Quantification of Bisphenol A, Its Glucuronide

E Reale, S Fustinoni, R Mercadante, E Polledri… – Chemical Research in … –


Bisphenol A (BPA) is the most used color developer in thermal paper products such as cashiers' receipts, followed by Bisphenol S (BPS), Wincon 8 (D-8), and Pergafast 201 (PF201). …

Hand dermometrology - 2014

GE Piérard, S Piérard, CF Piérard-Franchimont… – Textbook of Hand …, 2014 – Springer


Hands are typically exposed to a number of physical and chemical agents. They are covered by two adjacent and distinct skin structures corresponding to the palms and dorsum of the …

Endoscopic Sympathetic Surgery - 2012

G Bischof, P Panhofer, C Neumayer – Minimally Invasive Thoracic and …, 2012 – Springer


… Therefore, it has been recommended that patients should measure repeatedly at home with the VapoMeter in order to obtain a more realistic reflection of their disorder [36]. …

Structure-skin permeability relationship of dendrimers - 2011

VV Venuganti, P Sahdev, M Hildreth, X Guan… – Pharmaceutical …, 2011 – Springer


… The TEWL (gm/m 2 /h) was measured by placing the vapometer (Delfin Technologies, Kuopio, Finland) on the donor chamber. For measuring the skin resistance, a direct current of 0.3 …

13 Microfluidic Platforms for - 2022

LV Thomas, P Sreenivasan – … Based Point-of-Care Diagnostics: A …, 2022 –


… (eg, Vapometer by Delfin Technologies Ltd, Tewameter by Courage-Khazaka Electronic, and Dermalab by Cortex Technologies) are not suitable to incorporate into wound dressings. …

Assessing the Ef cacy of Moisturizers - 2017

W Hannon – Textbook of Cosmetic Dermatology, 2017 –


Assessing the Efłcacy of Moisturizers Page 1 INTRODUCTION This chapter gives an introductory background to practitioners in cosmetic dermatology who wish to better understand the …

Localization of Serine Racemase and Its Role in the Skin

X Luan, M Watanabe, M Mizuguchi, Y Nabeshima… – Neurology –


… Cutaneous barrier function TEWl was measured on the back skin of P5 mice using an evaporimeter (VapoMeter SWL2g; Delfin Technologies, Kuopio, Finland). In the assay of barrier …

Transdermal fentanyl in cachectic cancer patients - 2009

T Heiskanen, S Mätzke, S Haakana, M Gergov, E Vuori… – PAIN®, 2009 – Elsevier


… skin temperature (Tempett ® , SENSELab, Sweden), and transepidermal water loss as a measure of local sweating (Delfin ® VapoMeter, Delfin Technologies, Finland) were measured. …

Poly-c-glutamic acid microneedles with as

MC Chen, MH Ling, SJ Kusuma –


Incomplete insertion is a common problem associated with polymer microneedles (MNs) that results in a limited drug delivery efficiency and wastage of valuable medication. This paper …

Transdermal iron replenishment therapy - 2015

N Modepalli, HN Shivakumar, KLP Kanni… – Therapeutic …, 2015 – Future Science


… The recovery of micropores created by these microneedles was also evaluated with the help of transepidermal water loss studies using Vapometer ® (Delfin Tech., Finland). There was …

Successful Application of Large Microneedle Patches - 2017

A Ripolin, J Quinn, E Larraneta – studies, 2017 –


… (VapoMeter®, Delfin Technologies Ltd, Kuopio, Finland) on the application site, with the probe head vertical and perpendicular to the skin, to give an indication of skin barrier function. …

A systematic review of objective burn scar measurements - 2016

KC Lee, J Dretzke, L Grover, A Logan… – Burns & …, 2016 –


… In addition, we discuss innovative technologies that may be applicable to burn scar … science photographic technology or rehabilitation or medical laboratory technology or engineering …

Development of mathematical model of skin translucency - 2020

R Nakamura, E Itai, S Uehara, M Mizuno… – J Soc Cosmet …, 2020 –


Skin Translucency is one of the most important factors for beautiful skin. As the investigation of the relationship between skin physiological characteristics and skin translucency has …

Marsella R1 Genovese D Gilmer L Ahrens K1

H Gatto –


… TEWL was measured using a closedchamber evaporimeter (VapoMeter, Delfin Technologies Ltd, Kuopio, Finland) in an ambient temperature of 20–26 C. Dogs were allowed 30 …

Localization of serine racemase and its role in the skin - 2014

R Inoue, Y Yoshihisa, Y Tojo, C Okamura… – Journal of Investigative …, 2014 – Elsevier


… TEWL was measured on the back skin of P5 mice using an evaporimeter (VapoMeter SWL2g; Delfin Technologies, Kuopio, Finland). In the assay of barrier recovery, epidermal barriers …

Bio‐based Algae Oil: an oxidation and structural analysis - 2020

H Birjandi Nejad, L Blasco, B Moran… – … Journal of Cosmetic …, 2020 – Wiley Online Library


… A VapoMeter (Delfin Technologies) was also used for assessing the barrier function of the skin. This instrument measures transepidermal water loss (TEWL) as an indicator of the skin’s …

Constant voltage ‘Iron’tophoresis - 2011

SR Kiran Vaka, HN Shivakumar… – … and technology, 2011 – Taylor & Francis


… In order to see the effect of chemical enhancers and physical techniques on the skin barrier function, TEWL was measured using a VapoMeter (Delfin Technologies, Kuopio, Finland). …

An Enigmatic Case of Focal Sweating: Naevus Sudoriferous - 2023

D Vashisht, P Sinha, P Kamboj, MG Madakshira… – Dermatology Practical & …, 2023 –


… Objective assessment of hyperhidrosis by vaporimeter (Delfin technologies Ltd) in standard room … The vapometer is an effective non-invasive device which assist in measuring trans-…

The anatomical distribution of genetic associations - 2015

A Wells, N Kopp, X Xu, DR O’Brien… – Nucleic Acids …, 2015 –


… TEWL, a marker of epidermal skin barrier function, was measured using a VapoMeter (Delfin Technologies) directly on the RBPj cKO and Ikk2 cKO mice, as these mice exhibit hair loss …

10 Sweat Rate Wearable Sensors - 2017

P Salvo – Biological and medical sensor technologies, 2017 –


… Vapometer (Delfin Technologies Ltd., Kuopio, Finland), a commercial instrument for the measurement of evaporation rate. Vapometer … Vapometer is not wearable and it does not perform …

Microneedle-mediated transdermal bacteriophage delivery - 2012

E Ryan, MJ Garland, TRR Singh, E Bambury… – European journal of …, 2012 – Elsevier


… Skin barrier function was confirmed as intact on a case by case basis by standard transepidermal water loss measurements (Delfin Vapometer®, Delfin Technologies Ltd., Paris, France)…

Physiological ecology: field methods and perspective - 2010

HB Lillywhite – … Ecology and Conservation: A Handbook of …, 2010 –


… evaporative water loss can be measured by use of a VapoMeter®, which is a portable, hand-held evaporimeter manufactured by Delfin Technologies, Kuopio, Finland (Table 20.1). …

Mouse model of touch-evoked itch (alloknesis) - 2012

T Akiyama, MI Carstens, A Ikoma, F Cevikbas… – Journal of investigative …, 2012 – Elsevier


Lightly touching normal skin near a site of itch can elicit itch sensation, a phenomenon known as alloknesis. To investigate the neural mechanisms of alloknesis, we have developed an …

Nanotechnology footsocks for diabetic foot - 2012

A Piaggesi, E Iacopi, E Banchellini… – … and Nanomedicine in …, 2012 –


The complications of diabetes mellitus at the lower limbs, known also as “Diabetic Foot”(DF), are actually a complex syndrome with different but equally relevant components that …

EGFR regulation of epidermal barrier function - 2012

QT Tran, LH Kennedy, S Leon Carrion… – Physiological …, 2012 –


Keratinocyte terminal differentiation is the process that ultimately forms the epidermal barrier that is essential for mammalian survival. This process is controlled, in part, by signal …

Feld D Marsella R

K Ahrens –


… using a closed chamber device (VapoMeter, Delfin Technologies Ltd, Kuopio, Finland). … , especially since this length of hair coat can very easily affect the readings on the Vapometer. …

Remote wound monitoring of chronic ulcers - 2010

SA Weber, N Watermann, J Jossinet… – … Technology in …, 2010 –


… Transepidermal water loss was determined with a Delfin Vapometer (Delfin Technologies Ltd., Finland). Three measurements were taken from the center of the wound. The impedance …

Induction of External Infection-models in Experimental Animals: A review - 2015

N Tatiya-aphiradee – วารสาร วิทยาศาสตร์ และ เทคโนโลยี มหาวิทยาลัย …, 2015 –


… TEWL was measured to standardize degree of irritation using VapoMeter instrument (Delfin Technologies, Kuopio, Finland). The result of shaved and tape-stripped skin was 75 g/m2h, …

Effectiveness of hand washing on the removal of iron oxide

NA Lewinski, A Berthet, L Maurizi, A Eisenbeis… – Journal of Occupational … –


… Skin integrity was verified before starting the experiment by measuring the trans-epidermal water loss (VapoMeter wireless, Delfin Technologies Ltd., Kuopio, Finland). …

Gelatin-based formulations for dermal application - 2019

F Laffleur, B Strasdat – European Polymer Journal, 2019 – Elsevier


The purpose of this study was to develop a suitable gelatin-based formulation for topical delivery. Eight films (F1-F8) were prepared by solvent evaporation method using different …

The role of biomedical sensors in wound healing - 2015

P Salvo, V Dini, F Di Francesco, M Romanelli – Wound Medicine, 2015 – Elsevier


… Vapometer ® by Delfin Technologies Ltd, Tewameter ® by Courage-Khazaka Electronic, and Dermalab ® by Cortex Technologies… proven to have similar performances to Vapometer ® . …

25.2 The Bricks-and-Mortar Model - 2020

T Roelandt, JP Hachem – Practical Aspects of Cosmetic Testing – Springer


… Two types of devices are commercially available: the VapoMeter and the Aquaflux. The VapoMeter, produced by Delfin Technologies Ltd.(Kuopio, Finland), is a portable and battery-…

The eyelids and tear film in contact lens discomfort - 2018

JS Siddireddy, AK Vijay, J Tan, M Willcox – Contact Lens and Anterior Eye, 2018 – Elsevier


… as described previously using a modifed Vapometer (Delfin Technologies, Kuopio, Finland) [43]. … The Vapometer was then placed on the right eye of the participant and evaporation rate …