Point of sale (POS) facial skin measurements with product recommendations

STAR – improves sales and shopping experience

Delfin STAR is a point of sale (POS) consumer skin analysis and skin care product recommendation system created for in-store applications. The system gives consumers an instant insight to their skin condition and allows salespersons to discover recommendations to promote sales of skin care products.

STAR Device has a 4-inch LCD touch screen with an Android user interface. The device utilizes electrical and skin image-based technology to analyze multiple skin parameters including moisture, pigmentation, pore cleanliness, pore size, sebum, roughness, and skin texture. Results are analyzed within seconds and displayed in an easily understandable format. Detailed skin images disclose the condition of the skin and helps in finding suitable skin care products.


Fast and easy multi-parameter skin analysis for facial skin

Portable and easy-to-use

Electrical and imaging-based skin analysis

Skin imaging with standard, polarized and UV light

Tablet app for product recommendations

Increases sales of skin care products

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